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X52 - Zwischenablage und so....
22.06.18 11:11


X52 - Zwischenablage und so....

So... ich nutze mal eben dieses Forum um mir entsprechend gegoogelte Anleitungen für Win7 und die Originaltreiber & Software von Saitek zwischen zu speichern.

MadCatz / Saitek Treiber: Download drivers
MadCatz / Saitek Software: Download SST

had same issue with mine it was because i made the mistake of plugging in my x52 before I had run the driver install problem. So the drivers and SST would install but wouldn't work correctly at all and drove me nuts. Even though I could change some settings and it appeared to kind of work, it wouldn't load profiles even if I made a simple one with 1 key and saved it (that would work) but try and load it and fail!

I had to follow the instructions from Saitek to properly remove all traces of the drivers and software. Then re-install driver then SST (and do not plug in the x52 until the driver program ASKS you to plug it in, and then do so).

Here are the instructions you have to follow them all or the same problem happens again:

1. Unplug your device from the computer

2. Uninstall the drivers

3. Uninstall the SST programming software

4. Delete the Saitek folders from the following paths :
C:\Program Files

5. Delete Saitek registry entries:

-Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard and then press the letter R. This will open the Run box. Type regedit and then click ok.
The Registry Editor will have a list of folders on the left hand side. Go down into the following folders in order by clicking the + next to the folder name.

+Media Properties
+Private Properties
+Direct Input

Delete any folder inside the Direct Input folder that begins VID_06A3.

6. Reboot

7. Install the latest drivers and DO NOT PLUG IN YOUR X52 until the install program ASKS you to or you will have to redo this whole process.

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